Jay talks about ‘X – Love Death Sorrow’

Jay Aston has been interviewed by The New Wave Music Podcast for their Season 5, Episode 80 show, released yesterday (5th February). Here the discussion revolves around Gene Loves Jezebel’s new album ‘X – Love Death Sorrow’ and in particular Jay’s songwriting for this. With excerpts of the songs discussed, the interview is informative and acknowledges the popularity of this album in the bands repertoire, whilst bringing in many aspects of the bands career.

You can find the show on Spotify here and Apple Podcasts here.

The podcast channel has interviewed both Jay and James Stevenson previously, episodes 23 and 22 respectively, in their Season 2 shows in the summer of 2022. They celebrate many other New Wave artists so, if interested, connect with them through their podcasts and social media listed on their web page here.

New interview with Jay Aston

Jay recounts a plethora of childhood influences, formative experiences and the history revolving around Gene Loves Jezebel in this enlightening new interview with Rob Lane at the ‘Straight To Video’ podcast (click for link). Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify amongst other outlets.

Straight To Video produce several musical based interview podcasts per month. You may like to check out their episode with James Stevenson (Episode 91, dated 25 May 2021) and the bands recent drummer Smiley (Episode 109, dated 27 July 2021).

James interview with ‘It’s All About New Wave’

James Stevenson has recently been interviewed by Monty Mendigoria for the ‘It’s All About New Wave’ Facebook video podcast. He talks about his career in the music industry, including not only Gene Loves Jezebel but also The Alarm, Billy Duffy, Holy Holy, his solo work and forthcoming gigs.

Watch it on the ‘it’s All About New Wave’ Facebook page here: