The Mountain Goats sing about Gene Loves Jezebel

Photo of US band The Mountain Goats
The Mountain Goats

Californian ‘indie-folk’ band The Mountain Goats have just released  their sixteenth studio album, entitled Goths. The final song of the 12-track album is Abandoned Flesh and a paean to Gene Loves Jezebel and the overlooked forgotten bands.

The lyrics in full are:

Robert Smith is secure at his villa in France
Any child knows how to do the spiderweb dance
Siouxsie has enough hits to keep the bills paid
Every New Years in Los Angeles you can still see Richard Blade
But the world forgot about Gene Loves Jezebel
Yeah the world forgot about Gene Loves Jezebel

They charted once or twice
They were on a major label
When the singer went solo
He left money on the table
The two main guys are related
They’re at war with each other
Now there’s two Genes loving Jezebel
One for each brother
But the world came to agree
What you see is what you get and what you get is what you see
Whether you’re The March Violets or The Bolshoi
Bands who had to leave the darkness for the sun
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were on Cherry Red I think
They’ve been playing clubs since 1981

To be fair to Gene Loves Jezebel
Billy Corgan brought them on stage
It was in 2011
It’s on their Wikipedia page
But for the most part
However big that chorused bass may throb
You and me and all of us
Are gonna have to find a job
Because the world will never know or understand
The suffocated splendor
Of the once and future goth band

Album cover of Goths by The Mountain Goats
Goths album cover